About us

IR Tactical Shooting and Security

IR Tactical was founded by the CEO and Owner Brandon Monical in May of 2019. The business was started as a private security company offering security guard services to the local area ranging from small businesses to big events.

Now currently, IR Tactical offers a range of services from security to all thing's firearms and training. Plans for an IR Tactical Shooting Range are in motion so stay tuned!

CEO & Owner

Brandon monical

A little insight into the knowledge and background of our CEO & Owner:
  • Former Army Military Police Officer
  • NRA Instructor
  • Illinois CCW Instructor
  • IDFPR Firearms Instructor
  • Former Account Manager of Multiple Security Companies
  • 10 Years + Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Experience
Assistant Instructor

Kevin Jones

A look into the experience and background of our Assistant Instructor:
  • Certified Army Instructor in Infantry and MP Tactics
  • Former Army MP
  • Current Senior Infantry Squad Leader
  • 14 Year Army Veteran
  • OEF Combat Veteran
  • Overseas Training (Instructed and Trained Republic of Korea Army, Japanese Defense Fighting Force, and Djiboutian Army)
  • Trained with French Foreign Legion and the French Army
  • Close Quarters Combat Instructor
  • Hand to Hand Combat Certified